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December 19, 2010

Alligner 3

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I put the third alligner in on thursday night. This one feels very different. The top one is not curved exactly to my mouth so it must be working on expanding my palate. I keep getting an air bubble under my upper lip in front of my front teeth, it is very annoying and makes it difficult to to speak at times. The alligners hurt much less than the last set. I had to take advil for several days with the 2nd set but with with set I only took it just the next day a couple of times. My bite feels very different, though, I can hardly see a difference in the pictures. But I suppose that even just a couple millimeters of movement would feel very different but not be necessarily visible.


December 5, 2010

Second set of aligners

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Yesterday I saw my dentist yesterday to have three attachments put back on. I had to wear the first set of aligners two extra days because he wanted me to keep them in until I had the attachments put back on. I was soooo thankful to get rid of them, they were disgusting! They were also very loose and I felt like they were just spit collectors.
It felt so good to put in nice tight aligners. I did need to advil for the discomfort yesterday and again today. I also needed to eat softer foods for today but my mouth doesn’t hurt NEARLY as much as it did the day after the first set of aligners. Here are a new set of pictures to document progress.

November 27, 2010

invisalign day 10

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Well to update everyone on my progress. The pain is all completely gone. I went to my dentist and he filed back the part that was hurting me and it’s been fine since. He also put the attachment back on, well, actually two. I noticed the day before that there was a bump on the aligner that didn’t have a bump on my tooth. I had the attachments put on at 8am and at noon when I took the aligners off the same one popped off. UGH! I called my dentist back right away but he is booked solid until NEXT saturday. He wants me to wear my aligner until he can put the attachment back on so I will wear this one, my first one, for an extra two days.
As luck would have it the other night I was looking at my teeth with the aligners in and something didn’t look right. So I look at the aligner and sure enough there are two spots on the aligner with bumps that don’t have matching attachments on the teeth. I have NO idea when these would have even come off. So in a week when I see my dentist AGAIN I will point them out and have them fixed.
For the most part I am adjusting well. I have cut out all snacks, it is just not worth the trouble of taking the aligners out eating a snack then having to brush my teeth and the aligners. The aligners are comfortable. My biggest issue is not being able to bite my nails!!!!

November 21, 2010

day 4 invisalign

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well that sore i mentioned yesterday is really bothering me today. i’ve been sticking gauze inside my lip to give it a break. My teeth are feeling much better today so it’s much easier to take the aligners off.
I noticed today how my eating habits have changed. It is just not worth the trouble of taking the aligners off, cleaning them, eating, then brushing my teeth just for a cookie or whatever. I like to snack and pick all day long. Since friday i have only eaten three meals a day. For the most part they are my usual portions but dinner tonight was larger because i was just hungrier and i’m not gonna have a snack later.

November 20, 2010

Day 3 invisalign

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well my mouth feels much better than it did yesterday. the aligners are getting easier to take out and less painful to put in. my mouth is still sore and when i eat it still needs to be soft. I’m not getting as much blood when i brush my teeth either. on my bottom teeth i can see the teeth have moved slightly which right now creates a bigger gap between them causing food to get stuck. I see my dentist on tuesday morning to have the attachment put back on. I’m gonna ask if he can smooth one part of my upper aligner that is rubbing on gum and is creating a sore.

November 19, 2010


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Oh. My. God. is all i have to say. I was awake a lot last night with tooth pain from the invisalign. I also had to pee a ton from drinking all the water trying to combat the severe dry mouth i have. When I took out the aligners to brush my teeth one of the attachments came off. i think it’s the same one that my dentist also broke off and had to replace yesterday when he demonstrated how to take the aligners off. I called and left a message and hopefully i can see him next week to have it replaced.
It is so uncomfortable to take the aligners out, it almost feels like all my teeth are being pulled out. My teeth hurt the entire time the aligners are out and they feel loose. When i put them back in the top goes in easy and relieves the pain but the bottom row HURTS when it snaps back in and I always need to take some advil afterwards.
I am eating a soft diet like soup and rice. It seems all my teeth are more sensitive to cold so I have taken to drinking warm water which is soothing.
But the worst part about today? i discovered that i cannot bite my nails!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH. I have been biting my nails my entire life and i am 31. I don’t even own nail clippers. My son learned to bite his nails from me and who i am to tell him not to do it. I bought a nail file at work today to file away a chipped nail but this is killing me!!!!! i will definitely be yelling at my dentist about this next time i see him! Not to worry, he will get a laugh about it, haha.
i cannot wait until i get used to these!

November 18, 2010

Day 1

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Well I have had the aligners in for about 3 hours now. I’m not feeling the discomfort that i’ve read about but they sure hurt when my dentist put them on, especially the bottom set. I had 7 attachments put on the top and 9 on the bottom, more to be added at later dates. He filed back 3 spots.
I don’t have the lisp that i’ve read about but my mouth feels sooooo dry. I feel like i have more spit in my mouth but my tongue feels dry as a desert as do my lips. I’m drinking lots of water but it isn’t helping. Even with all the attachments i keep pushing up on the top set because i feel it slipping. i’m sure i will get used to it. At dinner I had a hard time getting the aligners out which was to be expected but I didn’t expect it to be that hard. It was a little uncomfortable when I brushed. When I put them back in they HURT! especially the bottom, so I finally took some advil.

Starting invisalign tomorrow

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Tomorrow i go see my dentist and finally get my invisalign. The aligners actually came in a week ago this was just first time i was available to get an appointment. I believe invisalign has me doing 27 aligners top and bottom. I will have attachments put on what seems like all my teeth and at some point elastics will be added. I am excited about tomorrow and also nervous about how much my mouth is going to hurt. I have nice big bottle of advil. Friends of mine who have done it say that the discomfort really just lasts about a day with each new aligner and all you need is just a couple of advil.

Here is my BEFORE pictures, notice how my teeth on the sides do not touch and my bottom teeth don’t meet at midline with my top teeth:

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